Imitation Game

"Imitation Game" is an upcoming show held by Vancouver Art Gallery. The team will design a digital publication for the upcoming content as a extra website for the visitors and researchers to enhance and implement their exhibition experience before, during, and after the show.

Vancouver Art Gallery
2020.09. -2020.12, 2021.04 - 2021.08 (coming soom)
UX/UI Design | UX Research | 2D Artist | Video Edit

My Deliverables

The project is coming soon

Walkthrough Video


Our client, The Vancouver Art Gallery, is planning an AI exhibition in February 2022. Our client requires a digital publication for the exhibition that will serve students and academic researchers. Ideally, it will capture a secondary audience that will help to monetize this opportunity. The Art Gallery is also interested in learning more about the current & future trend of digital publications.

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